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The Latest on Business: October Monthly update


As we go into the winter we have reviewed volunteers welfare, we have started with supplying jumpers and hats to wear along with our Hi-Viz Jackets - This will be essential in ensuring volunteers remain comfortable whilst working with us. If you still need to order a jumper please follow this link -

We have registered with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations! This amazing organisation will help us champion the work of our volunteers, Allow us access to more resources to support our volunteers throughout the volunteering journey with us.

Governance Update

We have made significant progress with developing our volunteers up which will compromise of all the resources volunteers may ever need including training material, Policies, Procedures and much more.

We have also been registered with the fundraising regulator which will allow more transparency and governance with the way how we fundraise and that of those raising money on our behalf. This is a key step in right direction for our organisation and the positive impact the work we do has on the homeless and wider community.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.


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