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Thinking of Volunteering with us?

What time do I meet you and where?

18:30 @ The back of House of Fraser on Temple Row.

Where can I Park?

We have an agreement with Birmingham City Council where we have been granted the ability to park where we setup

What will I be doing?

whilst volunteering with us on outreach you may be asked to serve members of the public from one of our stations weather it be hot food, cold food, toiletries, clothing or hot drinks. If you have a preferred station which you would feel confident at we can make arrangements too.

How old do I have to be?

14-16 - will need an appropriate adult to be accompanying them whilst volunteering. 16-18 - will need a declaration completing by an emergency contact or appropriate adult. 18+ just needs to complete a single page registration form.

Can I volunteer in any other way other than outreach?

Yes! We have plenty of volunteers who dont come out wiuth us on a saturday, we embrace everything our volunteers can offer as without them we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

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